8th December 2015 –
Mt Emerald Wind Farm short-listed by Ergon Energy.

The proposed Mt Emerald Wind Farm has been successfully short-listed by Ergon Energy in response to their call for an additional 150 megawatts of renewable energy generation.

The project is one of seven selected to progress to the second stage of assessment to secure a long-term Power Purchase Agreement. The Power Purchase Agreement is a sale contract for the electricity generated by the wind farm to be bought by Ergon Energy who can then deliver it to their customers throughout Queensland.




The Port Bajool and Ratch Australia partnership propose to build the Mt Emerald Wind Farm on private land on the plateau adjacent to the Mt Emerald/ Springmount area. Map Approx ½ way between Mareeba and Atherton. 5km west of Walkamin.


It is proposed to build 63 wind turbines generating up to 189MW of power from this site.

Towers will be approx 80-90 m high with approximately 50m blades, utilising 3 MW machines.

Mt Emerald Wind Farm partners, Ratch Australia and Port Bajool, have created this site to answer many of the questions that are raised by the communities in which wind farms are proposed and operated.

Under each of the headings are a series of questions answered with the latest local, national and international information available, including summaries of results of EIS studies that have been conducted specific to the site.

Actual reports of the EIS and other more technical information relative to the project is available at: www.ratchaustralia.com/

This site will be updated regularly as the new information becomes available. If you have any questions or requests for additional information, please use our contact form here.


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